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I'm the girl with the big smile & even bigger dreams. I'm married to the handsome musician, Steven Coronado, (pictured in our team below). I'm a 20-something gal born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma by my two parents and surrounded by my 5 older siblings. If you want to get on my good side, you should know that I love Jesus, puppies, musicals, & chocolate chip cookies (gluten free of course). My ultimate goal with the greenhouse co. is to inspire, influence, and impact young women in our society today to follow their dreams, put on those heels & feel unstoppable because you've got the love of Jesus surrounding you and the power to make your dreams come to pass. In the meantime, while impacting what women believe about themselves, we will also be a positive influence on our surrounding communities. 

meet, anne coronado

ceo + founder

Here at the greenhouse co. our goal is to help you accomplish the dreams and goals you're passionate about! To help you accomplish those dreams and goals, we offer creative website design and branding, as well as, social media marketing. You just be your awesome self, and we'll help you look awesome too!

Our speciality is helping our client's discover and define what their style is and how to adapt that to what their audience is interested in. You are uniquely you, and we want to help you stand out from the crowd! 

your job is to be awesome, our job is to make sure you look awesome too!

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