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A place where people & ideas grow

Here at the greenhouse co. our goal is to help you accomplish the dreams and goals you're passionate about! To help you accomplish those dreams and goals, we offer creative custom website design and branding. You just be your awesome self, and we'll help you look awesome too!

Our speciality is helping our client's discover and define what their style is and how to adapt that to what their audience is interested in. You are uniquely you, and we want to help you stand out from the crowd so you can do what you do best: run your business!

Your job is to be awesome, our job is to make sure you look awesome too!

Your aesthetic, our expertise.


**umm** what's a consultation? 🤔

Thanks for asking! A consultation is a free 30 minute meeting where we assess your business needs and help you decide which package is the best for you. 👍

Meet the founders

Anne Coronado

ceo + creative director

Steven Coronado



My ultimate goal with the Greenhouse Co. is to inspire, influence, and impact young women in our society today to follow their dreams. As a team, we want to impact what women and men believe about themselves, empowering them to make steps toward the visions they have in their hearts. I am passionate about helping individuals accomplish their goals and get closer to seeing their dreams come to life. 🥳 The way I do that, is by designing beautiful websites for amazing people; to help them (or maybe even you) get their dreams online for the world to see.

Meet Anne

the heart behind ghco

hey! nice to meet you.

- anne

Steven Coronado is a Worship Leader / Music Teacher who decided to embark on his life-long dream of joining the U.S. Military in 2021. He now proudly serves in the United States Air Force and as Greenhouse Co.'s Co-Founder. 

Anne has been designing as a freelancer in the digital design world for going on 8 years now, she opened her own design firm in 2019, Greenhouse Co., fulfilling one of her life-long dreams of owning her own business. Her and Steven have big dreams for Greenhouse, among other ventures in the near future, God-willing. 

Steven and Anne currently live in Las Vegas, NV but are born and raised Okie's from Tulsa, Oklahoma. They love to spend time outdoors hiking with their Fur-child (their dog) Oakley, and to take in all the beautiful mountain views Nevada has to offer.

steven + anne


where people & ideas grow.